Here at Highwind Amplification, we do our best to source and use only quality parts for our products. That said, sometimes things can work perfectly during the testing process, but fail once put in the field. We try to mitigate this, but if something fails we want to take care of you. 

To that end, our warranty is set up as follows:

- We will warranty any defect* that occurs within 1 year of the day of receipt of the product, only to the original purchaser. Must have valid proof of purchase. If a repair is needed, please send an email to [email protected] with  "RMA" as the subject line, and a brief description of your issue. Once you have been issued an RMA number, return the unit to the address provided. Highwind Amplification does not assume responsibility for shipment to repair, but will cover costs for return shipment** once repairs are complete. 

- Any repair that falls outside of the warranty terms or time period, or to a party that is not designated as the original owner, is subject to a bench fee of $75, plus responsibility for shipping. Highwind Amplification will cover return shipping** once repairs are complete.

*Defects do not include abuse, wear and tear, or incidental damage. 

**International clients assume responsibility for all shipping costs.


All sales are final. 

As a small business that runs on a preorder based model, money generated from sales is used to fund materials and tools needed for production. 

Having money come in and out on short/zero notice can be absolutely devastating, and therefore order cancellations are not accepted once an order is placed. 


Given the individualized nature of custom work, all orders for customer made products are considered final. Requests for cancellation or return will not be accepted.

Please direct any questions to [email protected]